I101: Introduction to Informatics

Spring 2007

Instructor: Luis M. Rocha

Associate Instructors: Christian Beck, Bharat Dravid, and Mira Han.

Class Location and Time:Tuesday and Thursday, 01:00PM - 02:15PM

School of Informatics, Indiana University

1900 East Tenth Street, Bloomington IN 47408


Course Description

The course deals with foundational Informatics concepts such as Information, Knowledge, Modeling, and Uncertainty. We introduce all the conceptual building blocks necessary to understand the basics of Information Theory. We introduce those building blocks hand in hand with the practical dimension of Informatics, which focuses on solving real problems with information technology. We present informatics tools in various human domains, and discuss their implications for the practice of science, engineering, art, and society in general.

Aims: Students will be introduced to fundamental topics in Informatics while developing a basic understanding of Information Theory. They will build up their proficiency in Information Technology as detailed in the course syllabus, emphasizing its use in the modeling of nature and technology.


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For more information contact Luis Rocha at rocha@indiana.edu. Check the Web Design Credits, for due credit.
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