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I regard computation as a general principle for generating open-ended complexity. Turing's universal computation, and Von Neumann's principle of open-ended complexity growth, formalized a principle of computation which happens to also be the most fundamental principle of life: neo-Darwinian evolution. From this computational understanding of evolutionary systems, I am interested in several questions: how do cells and collectives of cells compute? Is language an evolutionary system operating under the same principle? Can artificial systems implement the same principle? From these guiding questions, various more specific research projects are pursued in the Complex Adaptive Systems and Computational Intelligence (CASCI) lab, focusing on characterizing and understanding multi-level complexity involved in human health. Projects range from Biomedical Literature Mining to understanding redundancy, robustness, modularity and control in Complex Networks, Collective Intelligence on the Web and in Social Systems, and Agent-based models of Evolutionary Systems such as RNA Editing and Artificial Immune Systems. I am committed to interdisciplinary research as detailed in my Formal Corner, training students in various academic programs including the NSF-NRT Interdisciplinary Training in Complex Networks and Systems which I direct at Indiana University. I also enjoy life outside of research with family, culture, music, and DJing, as you can explore in my Informal Corner.

Luis M. Rocha

Formal Luis

In my Formal Corner you can find everything about my research and academic activities: Research interests, publications, curriculum vitae, lab projects, academic programs I am involved with, how to join our lab, affiliations, etc.

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Luis M. Rocha

Informal Luis

In my Informal Corner you can find some personal background, my blogging and Social Media presence, DJ activity as E-Trash, music, etc.

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