Identification of Interests, Trends and Dynamics in Document Networks


  1. Research Objective
  2. Publications, Reports, and Tools

Research Objective

The prime example of a Document Network (DN) is the World Wide Web (WWW). But many other types of such networks exist: bibliographic databases containing scientific publications, preprints, internal reports , as well as databases of datasets used in scientific endeavors. Each of these databases possesses several distinct relationships among documents and between documents and semantic tags or indices that classify documents appropriately. For instance, documents in the WWW are related via a hyperlink network, while documents in bibliographic databases are related by citation and collaboration networks. Furthermore, documents can be related to semantic tags such as keywords used to describe their content. Given these relations, we can compute distance functions amongst documents and/or semantic tags, thus creating associative networks between these items, which identify stronger or weaker co-associations. The figure below represents an associative network of people extracted from co-occurrence in documents in a database as described in an internal report. You can also see a 3D Video (Real Video) of this network.

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This project is investigating the hypothesis that the metric behavior of the distance functions defining these associative networks, can be used as an indicator of the relevance of collections of documents, the interests of users who have selected certain sets of documents, the trends in communities associated with sets of documents, as well the dynamics of such networks in general.

Publications, Reports, and Tools

The semi-metric methodology is now used by the project. L. Stoilova, T. Holloway, B. Markines, A. Maguitman, F. Menczer [2006]: "GiveALink: Mining a Semantic Network of Bookmarks for Web Search and Recommendation". Proc. KDD Workshop on Link Discovery: Issues, Approaches and Applications.

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