Fuzzy Querying Model

Organized by the Complex Systems Modeling Research Area of the Computer Research and Applications Group.

Rita Ribeiro, Universidade Nova Lisboa, Computer Science Department, School of Sciences and Technology, Portugal

PLEASE NOTE:Due to the Los Alamos fires, this talk will be hosted at the Santa Fe Institute

May 17th, Santa Fe Institute (Directions), 3:30pm-4:30pm

An important issue in developing human-oriented interfaces has been to build querying models that allow non-expert users to query databases in a natural way. However, natural language includes many kinds of imprecise statements which are not compatible with the strict structure of relational databases. This talk presents an intelligent human-oriented interface based on fuzzy logic. The queries reasoning process uses four fuzzy translation rules of the meaning representation language PRUF (Possibilistic Relational Universal Fuzzy), as proposed by Zadeh.

A database with the 500 biggest non-financial Portuguese companies is used to obtain specific queries about business characteristics and to discuss the syntax and semantic concepts involved in our querying model. Illustrative examples of the four natural language queries, such as is IBM very profitable? or are most private companies productive?, are presented to show the capabilities of this human-oriented interface.

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