Self-Reference in Biological and Cognitive Systems

Communication and Cognition - Artificial Intelligence

Volume 12 Numbers 1-2 1995

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Luis Rocha (Editor)
Computer Research Group
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM 87545


L.M. Rocha

H.H. Pattee
Evolving Self-Reference: Matter, Symbols, and Semantic Closure

R. Rosen
The Mind-Brain Problem and the Physics of Reductionism

C. Henry
Universal Grammar

L.M. Rocha
Artificial Semantically Closed Objects

G. Kampis
Computability, Self-Reference, and Self-Amendment

P.R. Medina-Martins
Metalogues. An Abridge of a Genetic Psychology of Non-Natural Systems

P. Cariani
As if time really mattered: Temporal strategies for neural coding of sensory information